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20 May 2007 

     He made it. He flew from Bridgeport CT to northeastern CT on the 17th. He spent a couple of days there near a fish hatchery on the Quinnabog River, while a nasty nor-easter lashed the Vineyard. This wasn't as bad as the big blow earlier in the month, but there were enough headwinds to hold him up. Once the wind swung around to the west, he coasted home. The first fix on 5/20 wasn't a very accurate one, so he didn't necessarily approach the Vineyard from the southeast. It's more likely he came straight in over the Elizabeth Islands. He did spend his first night on the Island around Lake Tashmoo--a body of water very popular among the local Osprey population There are 7 nesting pairs around the lake or nearby.
    He covered 2797 miles (4500km) in 25 days, averaging 112 miles/day. When we back his down days out of the equation, he averaged about 215 miles/day for the days he was actually migrating!
    Now he will spend the summer exploring his home island and head back south sometime in August, probably. Will his next trip be as roundabout as his first?
    Stay tuned!


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