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19 Sept 06: We have a real cliff hanger here! Comet left the Keys on the 16th, stopped along the south coast of Cuba (a hundred or so miles east of his brother, Conanicus) on the 17th and 18th and then took an unexpected exit from the "Highway to the Tropics," as the Cuba-Hispaniola-Venezuela is known among Osprey migratologists. Of all the birds we've tracked as far as Cuba that eventually made it to South America, all but three have gone from Cuba to Hispaniola and then to South America. Of the exceptions to the rule, two have gone from Cuba to Mexico and one did follow the Jamaica to Panama route that Comet is on now. 
     We do have to remember that his transmitter was off for its 24-hr rest period, so it's definitely possible that he flew down the Cuban coast and then hopped over to Jamaica. If we backtrack his locations on the 19th, it does appear he came from Jamaica. If he continues on the path he's on now, he has about 400 more miles to go before he can rest. That's a really long haul.
     In 12 days, he has traveled 2252 mi 3261 km, averaging 188 mi/day (302 km/day).
     Stay tuned!

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