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10 May-7 July 09. Rafael apparently should have been named "Houdini." Somehow he got rid of his satellite transmitter on the 7th of July. From one hour to the next, his signal disappeared. This suggests the transmitter fell into the water and sunk.
     A male was seen around Rafael's nest, looking like he owned the place, after we lost his signal, so we assume he's OK.
     It was a frustrating, not to mention expensive bit of wardrobe malfunction, but at least we got a couple of very interesting months' worth of data from him.

Scroll down for detailed maps of his travels around the area as he fed his mate and nestlings until he "opted out" of our study.
11-20 May 09. Rafael has spent most of his time around his nest at Allen's Pond, but he's also been fishing in the upper reaches of the Westport River, the northernmost points in this map.

18 May-3 June 09. Rafael continued to hunt the upper east branch of the Westport River and began to hunt offshore in Buzzard's Bay. He has also been up to the Apponagansett River (the easternmost points on this map) just southwest of New Bedford.
4-16 Jun 09. Rafael has abandoned the Westport River, presumably because the herring run there is over. While Hudson and Ozzie work west towards Newport Bay and the Sakonnet River, Rafael is sticking close to home. His longest trip on this map was 5.9 mi (9.5 km)--about half the distance Ozzie and Hudson are travelling for their fish.
16-30 Jun 09. Rafael is our stay-at-home Osprey. He's finding all the fish he needs to feed his family quite close to home.
1-7 Jul 09. Here's a close-up of the data from the first week of July. Rafael is focused on three areas--the Little and Apponagansett Rivers and a couple of small ponds near Cranberry Bog Corner.

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