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A Year Abroad

1 Jan - 31 Dec 09
. Penelope has settled down on about 100 miles of river through Suriname and French Guiana.
      The stretch of river between French Guiana and Suriname is called the Litani or Itani. In French Guiana, Penelope is on the Ouagui River, a tributary of the Litani.
     Month-by-month maps are below. She should head north in April '10.

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1-31 Jan 09.
     In the monthly maps that follow, I've left her path for the whole 6 months on the map and show only the locations for the month in question. In January she spent most of the month on the upper Ouagui River.
Feb 09. She spent Feb on a 43 mi (69 km) stretch of the Ouagui in French Guiana.
Feb 09. Here's a close-up of the section of the Ouagui River that has the uppermost two clusters of locations in the previous map.
Feb 09. Here's the same stretch of river without Penelope's "balloons." She likes the braided river stretch in the lower portion of this map. We'll see this again in the June map.
Mar 09. On 17 Mar Penelope moved downriver (NW) onto the Litani River, which forms the border between French Guiana and Suriname, and spent the rest of the month on the Litani.
Apr 09. She couldn't make up her mind in April. On the 6th she moved upriver (from Suriname into French Guiana). On the 13th it was back down river (NW), and finally on the 19th she headed back southeast into French Guiana, where she spent the rest of the month.
May 09. The fishing must have been good along this stretch of the Ouagui for the whole month.
Jun 09. After spending most of June on the Oaugui, Penelope went with the flow and, on the 25th, flew back to her downriver stretch of the Litani River. A close-up of this interesting part of the river is below.
Jun '09. Penelope keeps coming back to this reach of the Litani River. Along this section of the French Guiana-Suriname border, the river flows through a gap in some hills and then breaks up into a series of narrow channels. Presumably, the underlying terrain here is rocky, so the river can't erode a wide channel. This implies that the water is probably shallow, which makes for ideal fishing for our Osprey.
July '09.
Aug '09. Fairly sedentary.
Sep '09. Penelope moved back up the river.
Oct '09. After spending most of the month upriver, she headed back downriver at the end of the month.
Nov '09. Another move up river.
Dec '09. Settled down for the month.
Jan 2010. Same stretch of the river for 3 months now. Sometime this spring, she will head north.
Feb 2010. She got bored and made a 2-day trip all the way up to the cataracts on the Itani River, where she's spent a lot of time. Apparently, she wasn't impressed, as she flew back to the Ouagui River in French Guiana the next day.
     For all of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, she has moved up and down 110 miles (178 km) of the Ouagui and Itani Rivers.

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