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Sept '08. These are all the Location Class (LC) 2 & 3 fixes for Conomo in September. Conomo likes the rivers that feed the reservoir or its narrow bays.

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31 Jan 08. -- More of the same.
Jun '08. Conomo is behaving like a normal Osprey. Claws apparently didn't read this chapter in the Osprey manual. These points are the more accurate fixes from this non-GPS transmitter. The few outliers are probably just bad locations, despite their supposed accuracy.
     Conomo's sibling, Mittark, will be heading this way in a month or so. It will be interesting to see if Mittark stops in the Caribbean, like his sibs Moshup and Conomo, or travels on to South America.


Jul '08. These are all the Location Class (LC) 2 & 3 fixes for Conomo in July. These are the most accurate of the seven ARGOS LCs. Most of the time, the actual location will be within a few hundred meters of the point on the map.
     Here we can see that he is in a very agricultural area just west of Miranda.
     The good news is that I don't see any fish farms in his current range.
Jul '08. Here's a slightly closer view from the south.
Aug '08. Best locations (LC 2 & 3) for Conomo during the month of August.

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