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Travels so far.

11 Nov.
 Five weeks after I said "He should be going soon," L.R. finally got off his tail feathers and started south.
     He left his HQ at Rehoboth Bay on the 6th of October and was in North Miami five days later.
     With strong tailwinds from North Carolina to Florida (crossing the Georgia Bight) he was averaging 32 mph for at least 10 hours and probably the whole 22 hours it took him to get from Virginia to Florida.
     We expected him to head off for Cuba, but surprises are no longer surprising with these youngsters.
     A month after arriving in the Miami area, Little Ricky seems to have settled down. What else would we expect of a bird named for the fictional son of a famous Cuban band leader?

Purple triangles indicate the last location for that day. Cumulative miles traveled are indicated at each end-of-day fix.

Scroll down for more detailed maps.

7 August 2008. Here are the first locations for our Delaware bird, Little Ricky. He's staying pretty close to home, but he's been over to see the Atlantic.
7-14 Aug 08. L.R. is expanding his known universe. He's been 10 miles (16 km) up Delaware Bay and at least 16 miles (27 km) south. At the southern most point on the map we know, thanks to the GPS transmitter, that he was heading north, back towards the nest.
12-20 Aug 08. L.R. continues to explore. The northern-most points on this map are near Kent, DE, about 25 miles (40 km) NW of his nest. He made this trip on the 18th, outbound at 10AM and returning at 7PM.
     To the south he has been fishing around the Delaware Seashore State Park, between Indian River and Rehobeth Bays.
20-26 Aug 08. L.R. is twiddling his talons, waiting for the urge to kick in. Four of the five other Delaware young I have tagged started their migrations in the first week of September, so it shouldn't be long. Lew (tagged in the same nest and therefore most likely L.R.'s brother) headed south on 4 Sept. 06.
27 Aug - 7 Sep 08. L.R. has settled down around Rehoboth and Indian River Bays. All of his locations in September were around these two bays.
      Any day now....
7-30 Sep 08. L.R. left Rehoboth Bay and revisited some of his boyhood haunts up near his nest toward the end of the month.
1-6 Oct. 08. L.R. succumbed to the urge to head south on the 6th.
7 Oct 08. L.R. only flew about 70 mi (120 km) south before settling down for the night on Virginia's Atlantic coast.
     He got an early start on the 7th. By the time we got our first signal from him (at 10:00) he was well into North Carolina. He probably stayed over land to Cape Charles and crossed the mouth of the Chesapeake there (where the '?' is).
 7 Oct 08. L.R. was over Albemarle Sound around 9:30, heading pretty much due south. He passed over the Outer Banks beaches at 12:00. By the time we got our last signal from L.R. at 20:00, he had turned west a bit and was aimed for landfall in Florida.
     Over the 10 hours his transmitter was signaling, he covered 317 mi (510 km), averaging almost 32 mph, which is fast for a migrating Osprey. At 10:00 he had already covered 129 mi (208 km) from his 6 Oct roost. Assuming he was making 30+ mph, he must have started migrating at 06:00, which is unusual. Most of our birds start their daily migration later in the morning.
     By 20:00 he had covered 450 mi (724 km) since beginning the day's migration.
7 Oct 08. These are the wind streams that L.R. was flying with on the 7th. His flight path very neatly matches these wind directions.
     He was clearly going with the flow.
7 Oct 08. (Cumulative miles are indicated at each day's roost.)
     L.R. probably hit the Florida coast around 04:00 (assuming he continued on his 31 mph pace). He was probably flying for 22 hours non-stop, which is impressive, but we've seen other birds go for over 50 hours of non-stop flight, so this was a bit of a cake walk, especially with those tailwinds the whole way.
     We don't know exactly where he hit the coast, but by 10:00 he was east of the St. Johns River (a favorite spot for migrating and resident Ospreys) heading south.
     He stopped migrating around 13:00 and settled down for a bit of well-deserved rest.
    He moved 725 mi (1,418 km) including 460 mi (746 km) over the Atlantic between dawn on the 7th and 13:00 on the 8th.
9-11 Oct 08. After the big move on the 7th and 8th, L.R. moseyed a mere 91 mi (146 km) on the 9th. On the 10th he flew another 130 mi (209 km) on the 10th and just 40 mi (64 km) more on the 11th.
     At this point he was in North Miami Beach.
11-31 Oct 08. Looking north here--L.R. seems to have found North Miami to his liking.
     Looking closely at the areas he's frequenting, I'm not very happy to see him playing in so much traffic!
1-30 Nov 08.
L.R. has definitely settled down.
1-31 Dec 08.
Time for someone with a telephoto down there in North Miami to get to work and get us a picture!
1-31 Jan 09.
I hope we'll see some version of this map for another 14 months or so, at which point, he'll head back up to DE.

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